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Rewards & Behaviour

Rewards & Behaviour

Here at Grangefield Academy?we've introduced the Rewards and Behaviour Diamond. We believe it is imperative that teachers look for every opportunity to praise, reward and actively try to catch students being good.? Achievement points are given for excellent effort, progress made during the lesson or over time, excellent work and positive contributions to school life.?

We make a point of rewarding effort and determination when solving difficult problems in order to change our students' attitudes towards learning.? Students are be motivated when they see that their efforts have been rewarded and as a result they will aspire to seek further success.

While we actively try to catch students being good we recognize that students need to understand the consequences of poor behavior. The is also addressed within the behavior diamond (please see the behavior policy)?

Achievement Points

There is?consistent application of the rewards policy across faculties, year groups and from teacher to teacher.? Quality assurance will guarantee that the rewards system is used to promote learning across the whole school.?

Achieve to Receive Store

Students can use their achievement points to receive a variety of rewards including; stationary, sports equipment, beverages, vouchers and beauty treatments.? The larger prizes are awarded in year group assemblies to promote the notion of 'Achieve to Receive'.? Students use the points in the planner to purchase rewards.?All points must be used in one academic year.

Progress Awards

Every half term, the 30 students who have made the most progress in each year group (thus supporting the focus upon effort and involvement in learning) are invited to participate in an enrichment activity which has been heavily subsidised by the school.? Activities include; cultural, sporting and leisure activities.

At the end of the year the 50 students who have made the most progress are entered in to a prize draw for an Apple product.

Attendance Awards

Attendance is instrumental in ensuring our students achieve their aspirations.? Students in each year group with 100% attendance weekly, half termly and yearly will be entered in to a prize draw for rewards from vouchers to Apple products.