Together, Beyond Expectations



At The Grangefield Academy we believe homework should form an integral part of student learning.

The aims of homework are:

  • To consolidate and reinforce learning that has taken place in school.
  • To develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed for independent learning and self directed study.
  • To extend learning and enhance curriculum provision.
  • To enable students to devote time to particular demands such as GCSE coursework or project work.
  • To involve parents/carers in a student's learning through both support and monitoring.

All students at The Grangefield Academy are expected:

  • To record their homework in their planner.
  • To complete their homework to the best of their ability and on time.
  • To ask if there is anything that they do not understand and feel unable to complete independently.
  • To manage their time appropriately so that they complete some homework each evening. Younger students will be actively supported in this.
  • To take a pride in doing their best.
  • To find out what work has been missed and catch up if they have been absent.Being away on the day that homework is set is not an excuse for not doing it.

Government guidelines suggest that a reasonable amount of time spent on homework would be within the following range:

  • Y7 & Y8 - 45 - 90 minutes per day
  • Y9 & Y10 -1 - 2 hours per day
  • Y11 1.5 - 2.5 hours per day

The latest Homework timetable can be found HERE