Together, Beyond Expectations


One Academy Rule:

All students and adults are expected to behave in a responsible manner, both to themselves and others, showing consideration, courtesy and respect at all times.

Guiding Principles:

The welfare of others is the first concern of all.

The education of every child is held to be of equal value in this comprehensive community school.

"Together, beyond expectations"

Core Values

To ensure there is no ceiling for the progress and achievement of each and every student

To embrace a collective culture of high aspiration, dedication and commitment to the learning journey of every individual regardless of background or starting point

To be an open, accessible and inclusive Academy that robustly serves the needs of the students and wider community.

Vision & Aims:

  • The Academy will provide a challenging and stimulating education which responds to the needs of all students and ensures that each individual has the opportunity to achieve his/her potential
  • Each stakeholder will have the highest aspirations and expectations of both themselves and each other
  • The Academy will promote and celebrate its unique Schools with Schools system
  • The Academy will provide the opportunity for students to develop a sense of responsibility and strong values to assist them in becoming outstanding citizens
  • The Academy will develop an embedded culture of teaching and learning focused on assessment for learning. Staff will systematically and effectively assess students' knowledge and understanding and intervene accordingly to ensure outstanding achievement
  • Students will develop a thirst for knowledge and this will result in learning conversations taking place beyond the classroom
  • The concept of rapid and sustained progress will be steeped in the thoughts and actions of both staff and students
  • The Academy will deliver strong financial management to facilitate provision of first class IT, buildings and resources to support excellence in teaching & learning.