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Red Nose Day 2017

24th Mar 2017

Red Nose Day 2017

Staff and Students have been celebrating Red Nose Day 2017 here at The Grangefield Academy today with everybody being encouraged to wear a 'splash' of red. We have had red ties, hair pieces and of course a few people wearing the iconic red nose.

There has been a raffle which gives our students a chance to win a chocolate egg hamper with all proceeds going to the charity.

Miss Gibb also encouraged students to 'tell her a joke', which would make her laugh, with every funny joke raising an extra 20p for Red Nose Day. One of her favourites being;

Why did Captain Hook cross the road?

To get to the second hand shop

Everybody has been getting into the spirit of Red Nose Day while raising money along the way to help make a difference to lives in the UK and around the world.