Together, Beyond Expectations

The Grangefield Academy is 'GOOD'

4th Jan 2017

The Grangefield Academy is 'GOOD'

I am delighted to be able to share with you the outcome of our recent Ofsted inspection. The result has confirmed our assessment that The Grangefield Academy is judged to be Good.

During their two day visit, inspectors were extremely thorough and spent a considerable amount of time observing lessons, meeting with academy staff, governors and Northern Education Trust colleagues. They also spent time meeting with students, discussing their work, personal development and welfare as well as the behaviour and safety within the academy.

The Grangefield Academy has been judged 'Good' in every area.

Overall effectiveness


Effectiveness of leadership and management


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment


Personal development, behaviour and welfare


Outcomes for pupils


This marks a remarkable turnaround for The Grangefield Academy whose predecessor school was deemed to require special measures. In their report, inspectors recognised the considerable improvements that have been made;

'The principal has led a significant cultural change over the past three years that has transformed the quality of teaching and standards of behaviour. An ethos of high expectation informs all aspects of the school's work.'

'The school's work to promote pupils' personal development and welfare is good. Year 11 pupils described powerfully how this support has improved over the last three years. Each year group has its own head of school as part of the schools-within-school system that ensures that teachers know their pupils extremely well and have a close understanding of their needs. As a result, pupils feel secure and this enables them to focus on their learning.'

'The quality of teaching is good. Teachers take close account of pupils' needs in their planning and this enables the majority of pupils to make good progress. The ethos of mutual respect promotes a positive learning climate that supports effective learning.'

I am extremely proud of all of our students; they were praised by the inspectors and the report highlights their commitment to learning and to the ethos of the academy;

'The behaviour of pupils is good. Their conduct around the school site and in lessons is exemplary. They line up in an orderly fashion and arrive at lessons punctually as they value their learning. Pupils are courteous and polite, greeting visitors warmly and holding doors open for one another and adults.'

'The school promotes values of respect and mutual understanding. Pupils of different faiths and cultures interact positively with one another. Pupils feel safe and supported by their teachers and their parents agree.'

I would like to thank you for the contribution you have all made. This judgement has only been possible due to the hard work, dedication and support of all staff, students, parents/carers and governors. A complete team effort which embraced our vision, 'Together, Beyond Expectations'.

Miss N Gibb


A full copy of the report can be viewed HERE