Together, Beyond Expectations

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Lessons at The Grangefield Academy are characterised by:

  • Clear objectives which are shared with students
  • Careful planning and structure to ensure rigour, challenge and pace
  • Learning opportunities which enable students to make significant progress
  • Teachers who have excellent subject knowledge and understanding of the lesson content and know the students well
  • Activities which are differentiated and well matched to the students' needs and offer motivation, and achievement
  • Recognition of different learning styles, including opportunities for active and deep, immersive learning
  • Close monitoring and tracking of learning to ensure appropriate intervention and support
  • Students taking an active part in their learning
  • Students evaluating their progress in collaboration with teachers and setting appropriately challenging targets for the future
  • A creative approach to teaching and learning characterised by coaching and a willingness to engage with thoughtful and research based strategies
  • Outstanding learner engagement, participation and behaviour

This will be achieved as a result of rigorous but supportive quality assurance systems and procedures which will operate throughout all aspects of Academy life and practice.