Together, Beyond Expectations



At The Grangefield Academy our focus is on providing every student with the opportunity to reach their highest potential with all the support and encouragement they need to be fully engaged with their learning.

We want our students to learn how to work with others and we want them to develop and practice their leadership skills. We work closely with individual students to identify specific opportunities to do this. We believe that the key to unlocking student potential lies in the development of enquiring minds that are keen to explore the world around them. Leadership across The Grangefield Academy is essential in enabling our students to realise their full potential.

Benefits for our students:

  • Increased self-confidence that comes through taking responsibility for own and others learning and enjoyment.
  • Potential stepping stone into employment, further education or training.
  • Develops generic leadership skills that will be vital in other areas of life.

Benefits for our academy:

  • Gives learners the opportunity to take responsibility, creating young people who are able to act in a mature and responsible way.
  • Increased understanding and empathy with others helps to create a supportive and co-operative atmosphere.
  • Improves behaviour through increased self-confidence and self-worth.
  • Provides training for volunteers who can lead sport and recreation activities within lunchtime and after school clubs, sports festivals and tournaments, holiday schemes, community sports events.

Benefits for our community:

  • Provides training for young people: keeping them engaged, increasing their responsibility and developing their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improved relationships between community groups, schools and other local organisations.
  • Provides a stepping stone on the pathway to lifelong volunteering.