Together, Beyond Expectations



The Grangefield Academy is committed to the full inclusion of all young people in the educational process.

Lessons are organised to build on students' preferred learning styles, with an emphasis on developing independent learning, so that they are highly motivated and keen to learn. The focus is not only on what students learn, but also how they learn to ensure that they are able to apply this learning intelligently and with confidence in different contexts.

A stepped model of additional need is used to identify those young people in need of additional specialist support. This support could be offered within the context of the class / learning guide group, the school, whole school provision or in partnership with external services. Any additional support is documented within the student's Individual Learning Plan, which is completed in collaboration with parents, carers, students and Academy staff. They are key documents supporting the personalisation of learning.

The Grangefield Academy has a central student support team which works across the whole academy and provides a range of personalised support. This comprises Attendance and Welfare officers, a Support for Learning lead person (SENCO/EAL), Personal Development Leaders and a team of Teaching Assistants.

The Grangefield Academy recognises that many young people will require additional support with learning, behaviour, recognised disabilities or special educational need. This support will be driven by the desire to personalise learning and includes in-class and withdrawal support as appropriate to the needs of the students.

Students identified as more able will, in addition to personalised learning within timetabled lessons, have a range of extension opportunities, such as master classes and focused visits.