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Assessment for learning

Assessment for learning

Every student has clear achievement targets at each stage of their learning journey. Students and their parents should know exactly how well they are doing and what they have to do to get better.

Assessment for learning informs all aspects of The Grangefield Academy. This is achieved by ensuring that students:

  • Can describe what they can do and know what level they are at
  • Know their long term learning and attainment goals and also the next stage they are aiming to achieve and how they can achieve it
  • Are able to access learning that will allow them to achieve their targets
  • Receive regular and rigorous marking which includes feedback on their progress and achievement. They are also be encouraged to enter into a dialogue with their teachers about the quality of their work through the marking process
  • Have suitable challenging targets which are in line with the aspirational progress 8 data
  • Are involved in managing their own learning and tracking their own progress, through the use of individual learning plans and broader aspects of student voice.
  • Receive feedback (oral and written) from peers and teachers which highlights strengths and supports future learning and development