Together, Beyond Expectations

Aspiration & Achievement

Aspiration & Achievement

The challenge of raising aspirations for young people, demands that a systematic, sustained and holistic approach is taken.??At The Grangefield Academy, we ensure that students realise that what they do or do not accomplish in school?will affect the rest of their lives.?We inspire our students?raise their aspirations and give them the tools achieve their goals.?

At Grangefield we recognise that raising aspirations is about changing young people's attitudes, building their confidence, and increasing their self-awareness.? Successful learning journeys for students will extend far beyond their time at The Grangefield Academy. Our aim is to set each student on their own journey to further and higher education, to jobs and careers.? Whether they go on to further study at college or university, or enter the world of work our purpose is to encourage high aspirations in our students and to foster the idea that learning is a continuous and lifelong activity that enhances an individual's prospects throughout their career.

Everything we do is geared to helping students to be prepared for their next steps with the right attitudes and the qualifications they need.? The careers framework below identifies the wealth of support and advice we offer at Grangefield, from partnerships with post-16 providers to our network of high quality local employers. ?