Together, Beyond Expectations


PE Curriculum Overview

KS3 PE Curriculum

  • Outdoor Winter Based Activities- Netball (TC), Hockey (TC), Rugby Union/Tag, Football, Handball (TC)
  • Sports Hall Based Activities- All students must cover one half term of Badminton as a performer and as an official to prepare for KS4 GCSE PE and BTEC Sport, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Fitness, Leadership
  • Gym Based Activities- Gymnastics, Trampolining, Fitness, Handball, Dance, Leadership
  • Outdoor Summer Based Activities- All students must cover Rounders as a performer and as an official in each year to prepare for KS4 GCSE PE and BTEC Sport, Athletics, Cricket, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee
  • Wet Weather Based Activities- Dodgeball or Handball (Winter), modified versions of the above activities, Summer Term indoor athletics and rounders activities.
  • Health and Fitness- All students need to take part in one block of Health and Fitness within each year at KS3 to prepare for the health related fitness content covered in GCSE PE and BTEC Sport at KS4.

Using data to plan activities within KS3 Core PE

  • Staff are to use previous years planning for progress sheets to determine in advance if the students made good progress in this sport before selecting to teach the students an activity. All students will be taught at least a half term of Rounders and Badminton in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 to ensure they have developed the skills and knowledge of the rules and have the appropriate experiences of both sports in preparation for KS4 GCSE PE or BTEC Sport. Staff need to justify the sports they have selected with the head of faculty prior to teaching it to ensure it is suitable.
  • Staff are expected to utilise a Core Task at the start of each block and at the end to monitor the progress made by the students within each block. If the Core Task level is significantly below the target level for the majority of the students at the start of the block then the teacher needs to have a meeting with the HOF to ensure the sport selected is suitable for the group to guarantee at least good progress within this activity.

KS4 Long Term Plan- BTEC Sport

Sept-Feb - Term of Year 10- Unit 2 - Practical Sport - 2 practical lessons and 1 theory lesson.

Students all complete Rounders as their first choice sport and are given the option of Badminton, Football and Table Tennis as their second sport.

Feb Term-May- Term Year 10- Unit 5 - The Development of Personal Fitness- 1 theory lesson and 2 practical lessons where the students design their own 6 week training programme and evaluate it after they have finished.

May - Term through until October term - Unit 1- Fitness, Fitness testing, Training methods and exam preparation - 1 theory lesson and 2 practical lessons.

October term through until the end of Year 11- Unit 6 Sports leadership- students take part in a number of practical lessons followed by theory lessons to consolidate on work and complete assignment briefs and resit exam within this period.