Together, Beyond Expectations


History Curriculum Overview

History helps you develop the skills to look beyond the headlines, to ask questions properly, and to express your own opinions. It trains your mind and teaches you how to think and process information. History helps you make sense of most other subjects.

Students will develop a wide range of skills in enquiry, cause and consequence, knowledge and understanding as well as significance, interpretation and empathy. In short, History provides you with the skills employers are looking for.

Within History students learn to develop their own skills such as:

??????? Independent enquiry - Learning to ask questions and use research to develop knowledge of key people and events.

??????? Effective Participation and Co-operation - Getting involved in lessons through individual, pair and group activities and assignments.

??????? Creative Thinking and Imagination - Considering the importance of key people and events from a range of perspectives with empathy.

??????? Literacy - improving key writing and literacy skills.

??????? Resilience - taking action to overcome obstacles and achieve success



Year 7

? What is History? Skills and Vocabulary/ The Romans
? Medieval England - Keeping control of England / The Power of the Church / The Peasants Revolt
? Medieval England - Life and Society

Year 8

? The Tudors and The Stuarts
? Industrial Revolution / Native Americans
? Black People of America / Civil Rights Movement

Year 9

? Early 20th Century / Why did The Great War begin? / The Great War - WWI
? The Rise of Evil - Nazi Germany / Events of WWII
? Prejudice to Persecution / The Cold War

KEY STAGE 4 - AQA GCSE History (A)

Year 10

? Medicine through Time - Unit 1 Medieval and Renaissance Medicine, Surgery and Anatomy, Public Health

? Medicine through Time - Medicine, Surgery and Public health in the Industrial and Modern World, c1700-present day

Year 11

? History around Us Controlled Assessment - Unit 3

? The American West - Unit 2

? Revision for Exams