Together, Beyond Expectations


Art Curriculum Overview


During KS3 students are encouraged to develop their skills and explore a wide range of different media through their own work and the work of other artists. Students will cover a range of different topics, each one tailored to challenge and engage?students of all abilities.

Year 7

Students will aim to improve and enhance their basic drawing skills and subject knowledge. The work of other artists will also be studied during their Animals project and towards the end of the year students?will explore Artwork from different cultures.

Year 8

Students will complete a Portraiture project, looking at the work of the artists and developing their own portrait style. The year also includes illustration topics and a Mexican 'Day of the Dead' project where students will improve their 3D skills.


AQA GCSE Art & Design

The course is made from two units of work that combine coursework and an externally set exam. Unit 1 - coursework, makes 60% of the overall GCSE grade. A range of different projects during KS4 will go towards making a student's portfolio of work. Students will be able to make personal responses to the topics covered and further develop the wide range of skills covered in KS3.

Unit 2 - Externally set assignment, is worth 40% of the GCSE qualification. The theme of study is set by AQA and students are asked to respond and produce a range of work over a set period of time. Students will have the option to explore the theme in great detail and show off the skills they have as an Artist.